Power 10 Solutions is Growing

To help with our latest expansion initiatives, Power 10 Solutions has filled its Director of Sales position.  Bryan Ulatowski, Founder of Uberoom.com, will be tasked with helping manage the company's growth.

Power 10 Solutions was founded in 2004 and continues to expand based on word-of-mouth demand.  Around Texas, Founder and President Mark Macatee's reputation as a reliable, creative solutions provider preceeds himself.

We aren't just a bunch of technology geeks...we are craftsman. We like puzzles, putting together models, taking things apart to see how they work and putting them back together better than we found them.

Before building the Uberoom team, Mr. Ulatowski worked in the fast-paced semiconductor industry at Samsung where he gained international engineering and business experience.  Their diverse group of people involved in daily operations helped create a passion for not only listening to what people are saying, but a knack for understanding what a customer is really trying to say.  Always armed with a toolbox of fun facts, Mr. Ulatowski enjoys being a teacher just as much as a problem solver, and will need to be both as we hire account managers and developers.

Mr. Ulatowski was born with the same passion for problem-solving which attracted him to work with Power 10 Solutions.  With a background in both Chemical Engineering and Business, his diverse experience has helped solve customers' difficult business problems.  In 2008, he founded Uberoom.com, a company that helps people celebrate in hotel rooms across North America.  Mr. Ulatowski noticed that hotels usually only carry the same limited inventory - chocolate strawberries and champagne - to help their guests celebrate.  Uberoom.com provides all hotels the ability to do what theme and boutique hotels already know: people want a reliable yet unique experience wherever they go.

Working in the hospitality industry taught Mr. Ulatowski the importance of bending over backwards for each and every customer.  His ability to make each and every customer experience a special one is the quality that Power 10 Solutions continues to foster, and what keeps our customers recommending us to their friends.  Bryan is welcomed by a Power 10 Solutions team poised for accelerated growth.

If you are a self-proclaimed geek that still enjoys playing with Legos and Lincoln Logs, contact us for open account management and developer positions.