Mobile Websites Luxury or Necessity?

In today's mobile-saturated environment, there is an ever increasing need to be available to someone on a phone, tablet, or lately, your watch. (Aren't we going backwards now?) You may be saying: "My site is pretty simple and I don't have a lot of traffic, so I'm fine with what we have."

In the words of Lee Corso: "Not so fast, my friend."

Companies that seek to continuously attract and engage their customers have a mobile presence for their company website. Let's face it -- everyone and their dog has a web-enabled mobile device and almost all use it to hit the internet. You can expect anywhere from 25-50% of visitors to your site to be using a phone or tablet to interact with you via the web site.


Remember why you got a web site in the first place? "Everyone's using the web now, so we have to have a web site so our customers can see what we do, know how to contact us, and essentially to give us credibility." Same goes for your presence in the mobile web. For the younger generation, a web site that fits the mobile device without zooming is expected. And the older generation will likely have a hard time seeing your site on their phones.

If you intend to attract new customers, retain current ones, and reclaim previous ones, a mobile website is a requirement for your company. A mobile website is specially designed for smart phone and tablet users who need to access to a company's services, location, and products. Think of it as a gesture of good will that says "We want to be as helpful as possible to you."


I will pose a question: Do you prefer to browse a site that requires you to zoom in every time you want to view the content, click a link, fill out a form, or anything at all? Or do you like the convenience, usability, and slick user experience of a mobile app?

I thought so.

We all like the cool features of the app world, and we would love to have that for anything we do on our mobile devices, but a mobile app is not always feasible. After all, you may not need a mobile app at all, just a better web experience.

The good news is that you can have it without breaking the bank. For about the cost of a custom web site (or less!) you can make your site change size to fit a mobile device (aka, mobile responsive) and look more like a mobile app. The results will be a breath of fresh air. You'll say "Ah, now that's more like it."

Please contact us if you'd like us to give you a free estimate for what it would take to make your current website mobile responsive.