Targeted Leads to Make Your Life Easier

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There is nothing more exciting than getting contacted “out of the blue” with someone asking if you do exactly what you do. That's almost as good as mailbox money. The call goes something like this…. 

—Hello, do you make blue widgets? I really need blue widgets. 

—Why yes, that is precisely what we do! How did you find us?

—I did a google search for blue widgets and you came up.

Done. New Client.

This is what the proper Search Engine Optimization Campaign has done for us. We go about our day as usual and people are contancting us for work exactly in our wheelhouse. And that's how it should be in this technological age. Targeted leads accomplish great things for a business: put your website in front of the eyes who want what you can provide. No one is interested in the hard sell these days--you either want what we can do or you don't. And we're not interesed in trying to fit a round peg into a sqaure hole--if you need us, then great. If not, then best of luck to you! 

We can share our excitement about a good SEO Campaign because we eat our own dog food. Like many of our clients, we had been resistant to implement an SEO Campaign—we just had other priorities. If only we had known to make it a priority!

Learn from our mistake and start considering a Search Engine Optimization Campaign with Power 10 Solutions! We are having a blast developing new friendships and business relationships with those who are seeking exactly what we do best--and we want you to too!

But don't just take our word for it! We like to stay up to date on what people are talking about in the industry and for more information on what a proper Search Engine Optimization Campaign should look like, check out this column by Jayson DeMers:

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We would love for you to join us in the excitement of watching your site rise to the top! Of all the fun things going on at Power 10 Solutions, we are the most excited about our Search Engine Optimization Team. 

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