Macatee Wellness

Job Description

Macatee Wellness seeks to improve lives and the bottom line (both individually and corporately) through strategic and thoughtful approaches to move from simply functioning to thriving using proven research based tools and customized approaches. Customization occurs based on personality, goals, vision, organizational structure, and so on. They needed a robust website with lots of functionality, including a blog and a store. They needed to be able to do a lot of their own work, including adding and deleting items in the store, manage a lot of images, and easily schedule appointments that seemlessly synced with their Google Calendar. Additionally, Macatee Wellness is an Amazon Affiliate, so we were able to API into Amazon for a seamless shopping experience.


In the spirit of full disclosure, Macatee Wellness was created by Kelli Macatee, a part owner of Power 10 Solutions. We like to keep in the family if at all possible--that is, if knowledge, skill, and ability are a good fit. Business is business and we always want the right man for the job. In this case, there is no one better at this type of thing than Mark Macatee

Project Features


  • Responsive Mobile Design
  • Easy to manage Content Management System (WordPress)
    • Easy Image Managment
    • Easy Product Management
  • API into Amazon
  • Scheduling component, linked to Google Calendar (available for various calendar platforms)
  • eCommerce Store
    • clients are able to buy services online
  • Comparative Pricing Tables
  • Roubust Blog Features 
  • Sleek modern design without the need for a creative team

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